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Sonia is a character in Rodea the Sky Soldier. She lives in the same hidden village as Ion and is Tonio's older sister.

Appearance Edit

Sonia has white hair and wears a black robe. Her eyes are a very light brown.

Personality Edit

She is very carefree and strange. She believes in fairies, and will blindly help anyone who asks.

In-game events Edit

Sonia is suffering from an illness and requires medicinal herbs to treat it. Her brother Tonio travels to the Mendous Tree to get herbs for her.

Later, while she's basking in the sun outside the village, she encounters a bird who seems to talk. It asks her where Ion lives. Not knowing the voice actually comes from Rylus, Sonia gives him directions to the village. Rylus then shows himself and takes off; Sonia mistakes him for a fairy.

Not long afterwards, Ion gets kidnapped, and Sonia meets Rodea in her village. Learning that Rodea helped Tonio get herbs for her, she feels grateful towards him. She decides to accompany Rodea and the others as they go rescue Ion.

When Rylus shows up, Sonia still thinks he's a fairy before Tonio points out that he's actually a Naga robot. Later, Sonia feels guilty about telling Rylus the location of the village and apologizes.