Flames of Remembrance

The Prologue serves as a tutorial to the game's controls, in particular walking, flying and boosting.

Story Edit

Rodea, a humanoid robot, is fighting against machines that are attacking Garuda, a land in the sky, while Princess Cecilia, holding the Key of Time, is piloting her airship and trying to escape the machines. However, her airship gets shot down and crashes on an floating island. Rodea notices this and rushes to help the princess.

He reaches the ship and manages to get her out. Cecilia seems hurt and painfully tells Rodea that the emperor of Naga wants to use the Key of Time to invade Garuda. Since they are surrounded by machine soldiers, Cecilia splits the Key in two and gives one half to Rodea, explaining that the Key will only work if it's intact. She orders Rodea to escape, but he refuses, claiming he has a heart.

Cecilia then teleports Rodea away against his will, promising him they'll save Garuda together. Rodea ends up alone in a desert under a blue sky. In frustration, he slams his fist against the sand, breaking off his right arm. He falls and shuts down.

Level Description Edit

The level consist of a series of small grassy islands with demolished buildings and leafless trees, under a stormy sky. Bomber planes are bombing the place and several titans (similar to Deogordam) are roaming below.

Princess Cecilia's airship rests on a larger island. Debris are blocking the door and must be destroyed with 3 Boost Attacks to complete the level.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Wii U/3DS version, the Prologue is followed by a scrolling text that gives some information not present in the Wii version (such as Naga's energy crisis), as well as information that is normally given later in the game.
  • The prologue is called "Flames of Reminiscence" in the Japanese version