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The pure-hearted princess of the Naga Empire. She fled Naga with Rodea in an attempt to stop her father, Emperor Geardo, from invading Garuda. When that plan fails, she teleports Rodea to safety. She is around 18 years old during the game.


Princess Cecilia is the only daughter of Emperor Geardo, ruler of the Naga Empire. One day when she was about 8, she chose the R-Series prototype, R0, to be her bodyguard. They grew attached to each other, and she eventually gave him the name "Rodea", combining "R0" with "dear".

Rodea and Cecilia spent time together for 10 years, during which Rodea learns that caring about others means that he has a heart. Rodea would later describe this as Cecilia giving him a heart.

When Geardo planned to invade Garuda, Cecilia, deeply hurt by those plans, tried to talk him out of it. As he refused to listen, she stole the Key of Time to prevent the invasion from succeeding, and fled to Garuda aboard her airship, followed by Rodea who promised her to save Garuda.

In-game events (Spoilers!)Edit

Rodea and Cecilia, with the Key of Time, managed to reach Garuda, then under attack by Naga's machines, but those machines shot down Cecilia's airship, which crashed on a floating island. Rodea rescued Cecilia, but they were surrounded by machine soldiers.

Seeing that she had no chance to escape, Cecilia split the Key of Time in two and gave one half to Rodea before ordering him to flee. Rodea refused, not wanting to abandon her, but Cecilia forcibly teleported him away.

Cecilia then walked to the edge of the island and jumped down, to keep her half of the Key of Time away from the Naga Empire. Rodea, coming back in time from the future, tried to save her but failed to catch her in time.

Later, Valghis would end up in possession of Cecilia's half of the Key of Time, but her plan had worked and Naga's invasion failed.

1000 years later in the new future, Cecilia has a grave in Garuda and is apparently honored by the inhabitants.


  • In the Wii U/3DS version, just before the credits, it is mentioned that Cecilia was eventually found alive and rescued by Rodea, then she claimed Naga's throne. This is missing from the Wii version, in which it can be assumed that Cecilia didn't survive the fall.