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R1, aka Orthos, is a robot from the R-Series.

He was the next sky soldier created after Rodea, which technically makes him the first official member of the R-Series, since Rodea is just a prototype.

Personality Edit

Orthos swears absolute loyalty to Emperor Geardo, and resents Rodea for betraying the Naga Empire. He only calls Rodea "R0".

He often refers to himself as "little ol' me", which causes Rodea and Ion to believe that his name is "Olme" (Ion never gets corrected on that). Otherwise, he introduces himself as "Lord Orthos".

Abilities Edit

In addition to his flight capabilities, Orthos can generate a defensive barrier around himself, and can unleash huge energy balls.

Backstory Edit

Back when he was only known as R1, he became particularly jealous when Rodea received his name from Cecilia. He then asked Emperor Geardo to give him a name, and got called Orthos.

In-game events (Spoilers!) Edit

Orthos and Rodea first meet in the Mendous Tree. Orthos is determined to destroy Rodea, but is defeated. Before Rodea can finish him, Orthos receives a phone call and runs away.

Later, Orthos meets Rodea again in the desert, inviting him to the ruins for a final battle. In the arena, they fight each other again. During the battle, Orthos realizes that Rodea has lost all his memories. Rodea eventually defeats Orthos, lethally damaging him, and remembers his name just before Orthos stops functioning.

Orthos is briefly seen again in the new future, flying around as Rodea reunites with Ion.

Battle Edit

Orthos is fought twice in the game, as a middle boss in Chapter 2 (under the name "Olme(?)") and Chapter 7.

Trivia Edit

  • Orthos's name (in Japanese オルトス, orutosu) apparently comes from Orthrus (in Japanese オルトロス, orutorosu), a two-headed dog from Greek mythology.
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