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Logo of the Naga Empire

The Naga Empire is one of the two lands featured in the game Rodea the Sky Soldier, the other being Garuda. While Garuda is floating in the sky, Naga is located on the surface.

Not much is known about Naga, except that it is very mechanical. The only parts of it seen during the game are the Chronos Towers and the Naga fortress.

1000 years ago, the ruler of the Naga Empire was Emperor Geardo. Under his rule, Naga had become a barren, inhospitable wasteland. To remedy this, Geardo attempted to invade Garuda; after the invasion failed, the Naga Empire went extinct, with only machines remaining.

The Naga fortress Edit


The Naga fortress

The Naga fortress is a large mechanical building located in the heart of the Naga Empire. When visited in the game, it is floating in mid-air.

The fortress contains four levels connected by an elevator in the center. The upper level is Geardo's throne room.

Trivia Edit

  • While the game doesn't give a good view of the Naga Empire, concept art in the art book shows that it consists of a large disc of land, with the fortress in the center, connected to a sinuous stripe of land on which the Chronos Towers are erected, the whole being covered with metallic structures and surrounded by the ocean. The stripe of land is actually visible in the game (Wii version at least), by looking down from Garuda in some chapters.