The Mr. Series are a series of machines invented and created by Ion. Starting at age 5, she made a new one each year with each one made to help one of the citizens of Garuda.


The machines in the Mr. Series include

Mr. Painto, a painting robot made for Asimov

Mr. Scrubs, a dish-washing robot made for Asimov

Mr. Charmo, a dating simulator robot for Asimov

Mr. Jiggles, a dancing robot for Asimov

Mr. Chiro, a massaging robot for Asimov

Mr. Gabbo, a talking robot made for Sonia

Mr. Tinkles, a robot made to follow Tonio to the bathroom at night

Mr. Downer. a worrying robot made for Novio

Sergeant Suplex, a wrestling robot made for Pedro

Mr. Detecto & Detecto jr, small machines used as radars installed in both the Ion Wave and Rodea