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R3, aka Kelvis, is the fourth model of machines in the R-Series, and considers herself to be Rodea's little sister.

Appearance Edit

Kelvis is mostly white, with tones of gold and blue. She has gold hair clips and black gloves. Her curly hair and monocle give off a very high-class vibe, and she has one blue eye, and one gold eye.

Personality Edit

Kelvis is hot-headed, and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goal of taking back Rodea's half of the Key of Time, even risking her life fighting him just before an explosion. She has a very sturdy attitude, as she returns after supposedly being crushed by rocks after the first boss battle against her.

Abilities Edit

Kelvis is able to teleport quickly from place to place, and can shoot ice projectiles.

Backstory Edit

Upon her first boot-up, her movements were unstable, and she accidentally stepped on a flower. She felt horrible about crushing it. On the following day, she stepped on a flower again, and on her third day of boot-up, she crushed and kicked one.

In-game events Edit

Kelvis encounters Rodea in the snow cave where Cecilia's airship rests. She seems happy that Rodea has lost his memories and tries to destroy him to take the Key of Time. Rodea defeats her and claims she must have a heart, but she denies it. As rocks start falling, Rodea runs away, believing Kelvis to be have died.

However, Kelvis reappears later as Rodea tries to blow up a Naga warship. She starts the bombs' timer and fights Rodea again as the bombs are about to explode. She is defeated again, this time lethally. Just before she stops functioning, she almost steps on a flower but manages to miss it. Rodea believes that they way Kelvis cares about flowers is proof that she has a heart. Kelvis is later seen laying among flowers.

She is briefly seen again in the new future, flying around as Rodea reunites with Ion.

Battle Edit

Kelvis is fought twice in the game, as a middle boss at the end of Chapter 17 and Chapter 19.

Trivia Edit

  • Kelvis's name (in Japanese ケルベス, kerubesu) apparently comes from Cerberus (in Japanese ケルベロス, keruberosu), a three-headed dog from Greek mythology.
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