The Ion Wave is an airship built by Ion. It is strong enough to fly through sandstorms or blizzard.

Ion spends a lot of time inside the Ion Wave, so much that it is like a second home for her. However, it doesn't have a heater. According to Ion, it's really messy inside.

In-game events Edit

During most of the game, Ion pilots the Ion Wave, following Rodea everywhere throughout Garuda (and even Naga) with it.

At some point, a pipe breaks and leaks oil, forcing Ion to land and stay aground while she patches up the leak.

When Ion is kidnapped by Rylus, her grandfather pilots the Ion wave instead of her. Later, Rodea and Rylus fight above the flying aiship, while Ion stays on top of it.

Trivia Edit


The Ion Wave's cabin

  • In the Wii U/3DS version of the game, the interior of the Ion Wave's cabin is visible and can be decorated.