Deogordam, the Steel Titan

Chapter 5 consists of the first boss battle, against Deogordam.

Story Edit

Rodea teleports to an isolated area where he meets Deogordam, which seems to be protecting the Chronos Tower. Rodea fights and defeats it; Deogordam falls down on its back, its left arm dismantled.

As the area starts crumbling down, Rodea escapes through a portal and comes out of the Chronos Tower. He lands on a grassy island where he reunites with Ion, though he's surprised to see her there. They rejoice as the Chronos Tower stops and turns white.

Level Description Edit

The boss battle takes place on a single large circular island. It has a flat grassy surface encircled by industrial buildings. The grass is littered with thin vertical rocks that Deogordam can break.

The island is surrounded by thick clouds, and what looks like red holograms of gears rotating in the sky.

Boss Battle Edit

Deogordam walks slowly and will try to punch Rodea if he gets too close.

Deogordam has a light on its forehead; hitting that light makes its weak points appear (on its chest, back, left hip, right hip) and also makes some parts of its body turn blue. To defeat Deogordam, all 4 weak points must be attacked.

In the Wii version, if Rodea touches a blue part, he will be immobilized for a short time during which Deogordam will punch him, causing damage. This will also close its weak points, so Rodea will have to hit its forehead again. In the Wii U/3DS version, touching a blue part will only damage Rodea.

Rewards Edit

Upon completing Chapter 5: