Zolendark, the Crimson Steel Beast

Chapter 15 consists of the third boss battle, against Zolendark.

Story Edit

Rodea teleports to an area where he meets Zolendark, which attacks him with fireballs. After a fight, Zolendark is defeated and falls in lava where it melts down.

Out of the Chronos Tower, on a grassy island, Rodea and the villagers watch the Tower stop, and they rejoice.

Level Description Edit

The boss battle starts on a large island mostly covered with lava, with some rocks on the border. Several metal structures stick out of the lava, some bent by the heat. Many similar islands (but without the metal structures) are spread in the sky.

The area is surrounded by thick clouds, and what looks like orange holograms of gears rotating in the sky.

Boss Battle Edit

Initially, Zolendark flies counterclockwise around the island, and regularly stops to spit 3 fireballs at Rodea.

Zolendark has a light on its forehead. Hitting that light makes its weak points appear, it makes some parts of its body turn bright red, and it makes Rodea stand on its back as Zolendark flies up. From this point on, the rest of the battle takes place in the sky.

In the Wii U/3DS version, Zolendark has 6 weak points: on its back (near the neck), tail, on each hip, and on each wing. In the Wii version, it has 2 more weak points, one under each wing. To defeat Zolendark, all weak points must be destroyed.

In the sky, Zolendark will regularly spit 5 homing fireballs, and strong wind will blow at times. If Zolendark get too far away from Rodea, it will fly back to him and attempt to shoot a fireball; Rodea must then dodge, otherwise he'll take damage (and soon die because Zolendark will be out of reach).

In the Wii version, if Rodea touches a bright red part of Zolendark's body, he will be immobilized for a short time during which Zolendark will spit a fireball at him, causing damage. This will also close its weak points, so Rodea will have to hit its forehead again. In the Wii U/3DS version, touching a red part will only damage Rodea.

In the Wii version, after destroying a weak point, Zolendark will charge at Rodea, who must then dodge. This will also happen after destroying the 6th weak point (and this may also happen at other moments, when the weak points are closed).

In the Wii U/3DS version, the weak points will automatically close after a certain time, so Rodea will have to hit Zolendark's forehead again.

Rewards Edit

Upon completing Chapter 15: