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Asimov is a character in Rodea the Sky Soldier. He is Ion's grandfather.

Appearance Edit

Asimov wears a light brown robe, with hints of green. He has long brown hair.

Personality Edit

Asimov is easily scared and skeptical. He also seems to have a distrust for machines; when meeting Rodea for the first time, he freaks out and calls him a spy of Naga.

He deeply cares about Ion, but has never liked her obsession with machines.

Backstory Edit

When Asimov was young, he used to take girls on secret dates to volcanoes or to the arena in the desert. One day, during a date in the arena with the woman that would become his wife, they activated a trap, preventing them from leaving. It took them so long to escape that they almost starved to death, but Asimov eventually disarmed the trap, and she then fell in love with him.

Since Asimov's wife died, his granddaughter Ion has been his only family, and he has raised her alone.

In-game events Edit

Shortly after Rodea's reactivation, Asimov encounters him and Ion. He immediately freaks out when he notices Rodea is a robot. When Geardo appears to announce his invasion, Rodea goes after him, and Ion follows Rodea, much to Asimov's dismay. He goes back to his village, worrying about Ion.

When Ion later returns to the village, Asimov yells at her and almost faints when he hears all that she's done during that time. While he lectures her about her obsession with machines, Rylus shows up and kidnaps her. Rodea sets off to rescue her, and Asimov accompanies him, piloting the Ion Wave. Asimov is really worried for Ion, but his incessant comments eventually get on Rodea's nerves.

Once Ion is rescued, Asimov is very happy, and grateful toward Rodea. He then follows Rodea until the Fire Chronos Tower is stopped. After that, Rodea and Ion continue the journey alone, and Asimov asks Rodea to take care of Ion.

Asimov is present when Ion wakes up in the new future, and when she reunites with Rodea.

Trivia Edit

  • Asimov's name is never mentioned in the English dialogue (though it appears in the credits). Novio calls him "Ozzie" instead.
  • The sprite for Asimov used during in-game cutscenes when he's sad has his hair much lighter colored, similar in tone to Rodea's.
  • Asimov's name is likely a reference to the author, Isaac Asimov, who wrote over 500 educational science books before his death in 1992.